Body Contouring     Circumference Reduction    Cellulite Improvement    Skin Tightening

VelaShape provides a highly effective solution for comfortable, non-invasive, body contouring.  Cellulite and circumference reduction treatments have zero downtime and little or no discomfort.

VelaShape Body Contouring / Centimeter reduction  - 45 min
(3 areas - Stomach, buttocks, knees or arms)        

VelaShape Cellulite - 45 min
(3 areas - Front of legs, back of legs, buttocks)    

VelaShape Deep Contouring add on treatment for localized fatty pockets - 15 min per area

Courses of 4 sessions are advised and available on request.

What is VelaShape III & how can your body benefit from it?

In short …… It is a magical wand that sucks and burns localised fatty pockets which will help you lose centimetres and improve the texture of your skin, leaving you glowing with a smooth dimple free body.

In medical terms it is an aesthetic device utilizing elōs technology which combines a synergistic use of different energies:

  • Bi Polar RF (Radio-frequency)
  • IR (infrared)
  • Mechanical tissue manipulation with pulsed vacuum

The secret behind VelaShape III is that it is the first and only technology that combines elōs with tissue manipulation to reduce the volume and appearance of fat tissue.

With regular use/sessions it reduces the appearance of cellulite and re-contours problem areas.

And how does VelaShape work?

In simple terms ….. The VelaShape III machine itself has a hand piece with a roller designed to suck while rolling over the skin to target and eradicate cellulite and unwanted stubborn fat as it is heated and attacked by radio-frequency.

The procedure stimulates blood flow in the tissue which then increases collagen production. As a result, the appearance of the skin is enhanced by the restoration of its elasticity, shape, and tone.

The great thing that our therapists love about the VelaShape III is the fact that it has a range of three sizes of tips to specifically target different and smaller areas like the neck and the upper arms.

If you ask scientists to give you an explanation, they will tell you that the elōs combination of infrared light, coupled radio frequency energy and vacuum causes deep heating of the fat cells (adipocytes), their surrounding connective tissue and the underlying dermal collagen fibres. 

This type of efficient heating and vacuum stimulate the growth of new and better collagen and elastin which results in localized reduction in skin laxity, body volume and overall improvement in skin structure and texture.

What is cellulite?

There is not a woman on this earth who doesn’t battle with one or other form of cellulite on a part of her body..

Cellulite is the pitting, bulging and deformation of the skin.

Cellulite differ from patient to patient, and VelaShape III is able to treat all stages of cellulite.

All women  - lean & fit, average weight and heavier woman, are affected by cellulite.

Which areas can be treated with VelaShape III?

The most popular areas to be treated are the thighs, buttocks, “love handles”, upper arms and abdomen.

Because the VelaShape III has three different sizes for tips smaller and difficult to reach areas as the upper arms & chin can be treated.

We have had many requests for circumferential thigh reduction, but cellulite treatments are extremely popular because cellulite is notoriously hard to get rid of.

What results can I expect after VelaShape III?

Every patient can benefit from Velashape treatments, but of course our therapists always warn our patients to keep in mind that results do differ, from subtle to dramatic, depending on the patient’s physical characteristics and lifestyle.

When will I see results?

We recommend that each patient come for an assessment to determine the goal which the patient have in mind and what type of cellulite is to be treated.  From there a treatment plan is proposed to the patient.

For optimal results a course of treatments is recommended which is a minimum of either 3 or 4 sessions. Cellulite improvement is usually noticed in as few as 4 sessions.

Patients who had 6 sessions experienced that the treated area was smoother, the appearance of cellulite was less.  Due to the firming and tightening of the area treated they also had a loss of centimetres.

How long does each VelaShape III session last?

A single treatment can last between 20 to 30 minutes, but can be as long as 45 minutes, depending on the area and/or multiple treatments that are done (contouring / cellulite).

Can I exercise while having VelaShape III treatments?

Yes, in fact when you participate in any form of exercise while having VelaShape III treatments you will see quicker results.

With every VelaShape III treatment cellulite is broken down and with moderate exercise speeds up your metabolism which in turns help your body to get rid of the broken down fat.

To have a brisk walk after each treatment is recommended and drinking lots of water is compulsory.

What happens after a VelaShape III session?

After each VelaShape III treatment the treated area is sensitive, in some patients it will be pinkish red as if sunburned, it can even be bruised due to the suction of the roller during treatment.

 The Vela Therapists will instruct you not to use any chemicals on the treated area for the following 24hours to ensure the treatment and stimulation is successful.   

After a course of 6 sessions, the body adapts to the VelaShape III treatments, as with exercise, and will react to the treatment quicker and recover easily as well.

Is it necessary to follow a diet while having VelaShape III treatments?

For optimal results a healthy diet must be followed with minimal exercise activities.

Drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day is compulsory while undergoing VelaShape III treatments. 

Diets differ from patient to patient, but your Vela Therapist will guide you to which diet will be beneficial for your goal you have in mind.

How do I maintain the results after a course of VelaShape III treatments?

Once a patient has undergone a treatment program of 6 sessions or more, periodic maintenance treatments can be performed to refresh the results.

One maintenance treatment session per month may be necessary to sustain the results, follow by once every 2-3 months according to individual results.