Body Treatments

body Polish - 30 min        

Exfoliate, smooth and regenerate with advanced ingredients to activate the skin by intensively exfoliating the epidermis leaving it soft and supple.  
Choice of: Self-heating Body Buff or Salt & Sweet Almond Oil Scrub                         

Lifesaving Back Treatment - 45 min

A lifesaving back treatment with a touch of real luxury. The treatment begins with a Mandarin & Sandalwood Self Heating Sugar Scrub that heats up as it makes contact with your skin, removes dead skin cells and re-mineralizes your skin. One of our three kaolin creamy masks will be applied to the back and left to detox for any breakouts on your back as well as re-mineralise and hydrate an area often neglected.  Whilst the mask is at work you will then receive a heavenly back leg massage followed by a relaxing back massage, ending off with the Mandarin & Sandalwood Dry Body Spritz to nourish your skin.

Body Cocoon - 75 min

Indulge in our most luxurious body-mind ritual yet as your skin is nourished, tension unravels and relaxation envelops you head to toe. Your body will be exfoliated leaving your skin smooth and soft. A heating myrrh clay mask is applied to the feet and back to stimulate micro circulation to bring oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.  The choice of a Body Mask is then applied to the rest of the body while your therapist performs a deeply relaxing head massage. This treatment is finished off with the application of our Mandarin & Sandalwood Dry Body Spritz leaving the skin with a healthy glow.
Choice of: Anti-Stress Peppermint or Firming Chocolate or Detox Mandarin & Sandalwood    

Cellulite / Light Legs Treatment  - 45 min

Starting with an intensive exfoliation of the skin stimulating circulation and prepping the skin for deep penetration of key active ingredients. Hot and cold is used throughout the treatment to dilate and constrict blood vessels creating better lymph flow through the deeper layers of the skin causing intensive detoxification alongside the use of sweet fennel oil used during a vigorous massage designed to loosen the hardened fat cells and eliminate toxins. Ending with an orange & ivy contour cream application containing active ingredients that firm the skin and activate lipolysis in the skin.